SkyGrid Launches All-in-One Flight Control Drone App for iOS Globally

SkyGrid has announced the expansion of its popular Flight Control application from US distribution to worldwide releases under the new iOS format. The free smartphone and tablet app provides users with many apps built into the same, easy-to-use system.

A product of a joint venture between Boeing and SparkCognition, SkyGrid offers airspace management and UAV aircraft control systems that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to enable secure and secure data transmission. The SkyGrid Flight Control app allows drone pilots to scan the aircraft area, make flights automatically, and get real-time information as part of a single, integrated solution that allows for safe operation and efficiency.

The company claims that its SkyGrid Flight Control can make it easier to set up and perform drone operations, and allow operators to independently monitor a specific location for real-time access. Powered by a computer AI view, the app supports highly efficient search and rescue operations, disaster response, perimeter monitoring, site testing, and other aircraft purposes. Its blockchain tech installation, on the other hand, creates visibility on all UAV aircraft while providing secure, intuitive test tracks.

First released in September 2020 in the US for Windows phones only, later versions for iPads are now being made available for all iOS products, including iPhones. The entire system is now also available to pilots worldwide.

“After a positive response to our iPad app in the US, we are now making SkyGrid Flight Control accessible to both iPad and iPhone iOS, and available to global viewers of drone users. We think this app is an important launch in providing users with a seamless solution and promoting more drones in the global airwaves, “said Amir Husain, Founder, and CEO of SkyGrid. “At the same time, SkyGrid continues to make progress in the future where unmanned and unmanned aircraft meet. We have already solved some of the most complex problems in the drone industry, and our journey has just begun.”

Powered by SkyGrid’s AerialOS™, SkyGrid Flight Control enables drone pilots to inspect the airspace, and automatically create air space authorization, equipment configuration, and aircraft design with a single integrated solution.

The main features and functionalities on the free iOS application are:

For U.S.-based users, SkyGrid Flight Control also provides automatic authorization to fly at U.S.-controlled airports. less than 400 feet near airports in conjunction with Federal Aviation Administration’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) 4.0.

Highly advanced business features are also available to organizations looking to invest in, manage, and evaluate their drone operations. These features include AI-based equipment configuration and route redesign, multi-drone navigation, custom discovery and calculation, minimal weather, geofencing and alerts, and more.

Download SkyGrid Flight Control today in the Apple App Store or visit the SkyGrid website for more information about the advanced enterprise features.

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Originally published at on February 23, 2022.



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